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Twilight Zone Pinball Slot Shot PlotterInstallation Instructions for The Twilight Zone Slot Shot "Plotter"

Twilight Zone Slot Shot Background

The Twilight Zone pinball is on just about everyones Top 10 List. It has every Toy a player could ask for. After playing mine for a few hundred games, one particular shot began to show up as a repeating pain in the game. The "Slot Shot" is the most repetitious in a TZ game. It's the first shot on every ball and dozens of additional shots as the ball ends up in the "Slot Machine" from every corner of the game. As game play continued the ball would start flying out of the Slot Scoop hitting the flipper on the tip or on the heel or maybe not at all. Finally I started messing with the Ball Kicker Bracket by slightly bending it in or out a little and noting a surprising difference in ball trajectory out of the scoop. After many adjustments I would hit a setting that would cause consistent ball travel resulting in hitting the Flippers "sweet spot" 7 times out of 10. After a few games the bracket would move back and the Scoop Shot would wander again. I devised a nylon brace that bolted to the playfield and onto the Ball Kicker. This allowed for some stable adjustments of the Bracket. "Sweet Shots" were now 49 out of 50.

Twilight Zone Slot Shot Plotter Installation (click any image to enlarge)

Start by printing the template. Click the image below to open a PDF of the template. This should be the proper size when printed.

Alignment Template

Twilight Zone Pinball Back Coil and Plunger

Raise the playfield, lean it securely up against the backbox before starting. Locate the Kicker Assembly just above the Slot Scoop assembly. Remove the two nuts holding the coil bracket and then remove plunger parts from the Kicker Assembly while it is still bolted in place. Without removing any coil wires, (mockup shown here), put complete coil/ plunger assembly in a bag and place it out of the way.

Applied Template

Fold the template along the heavy line as marked. Remove the 2 Kicker Bracket mounting screws and place the folded template onto the bracket. Push a center punch/awl through the 2 mounting holes and bolt the bracket back onto the playfield. Tighten it down so that template is flat against playfield. Loosen/tighten the bracket screws to align the template squarely with the bracket. Use the center punch/awl to mark the 2 holes in the playfield for the Nylon Bracket. These starter holes should be at least 3/16" to a " deep for the #10 screws to get a good start. The top hole needs to be marked in the center of the template hole, first with a ball point pen to penetrate the paper then use an ink pen for a permanent mark. This 1/4" hole will provide adjusting room for the 3/16" bolt when finally assembly is made.

Bracket Close Up

Remove the bracket and center punch the top hole. Dont make the punch mark too close to the top of the bracket. Photo shows how far from the top edge of the bracket the hole should be.

Twilight Zone Pinball Slot Shot Plotter Mounted

File off any burrs on both sides and put bracket back onto playfield leaving the 2 screws firm (but not tight). Now mount the Nylon Bracket with the 2 #10 Screws. This bracket should also be firm but not tight. This will allow for alignment of all parts when the 3" long Pan head screw is put thru the back of the Kicker assembly and then thru the Nylon Bracket. As this screw is being fed thru both brackets the hardware should be threaded on at the same time.

Image shows dry run fit on the template/parts and installation order of hardware.

Twilight Zone Pinball Slot Shot Plotter Finished

As the bolt is being fed thru both BracketsStart with a flat washer next to the Screw Head and another one, sandwiching the bracket in between. Next, install a lock nut (facing left), then another (facing right). Two washers go next to the Nylon bracket (one on the left and one on the right). Finally, install the last lock nut. Hand tighten the lock nut on the (Metal) Kicker Bracket first, then repeat the hand tightening of the locknuts on both sides of the Nylon bracket. Tighten the 2 screws at the base of the Metal Bracket then the 2 screws at the base of the Nylon Bracket. If properly aligned (when tightened) the Metal bracket should be in stock location and firmly held in place by the Nylon Bracket. Replace the coil and plunger assembly.

To adjust the Kicker Bracket, first put some marks (with a white out marker) on the threaded shaft about "to the left and right of the locknuts, then it will be easier to track the direction the bracket is moving as adjustments are made. It could take a few changes in bracket angle or dozens before the right position is found. Even if the Nylon bracket were used only as stiffening brace the power of the Kicker will be improved.

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