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Pardon our mess. Be on the lookout for a brand-spanking-new website soon, but in the mean time here is a quick inventory of our most popular replacement and pinball-specific parts.

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Pinball Power Supply Boards and Related Parts

Pinball Part Description (Click image to enlarge) Price*

High Voltage Regulator Bally and Sterns Solenoid Driver PCB

High voltage PCB replaces 14 parts on high voltage sections of either Bally or Sterns Solenoid Driver Boards. Tested for over 7000 hours with now brownouts or failures. Simply remove original parts, solder in 4 wires and plug in PCB.

Bally Sterns pinball high voltage solenoid driver pcb $34.00

Pinball Game-Specific Parts and Mods

Pinball Part Description (Click image to enlarge) Price*

Cirqus Voltaire Chrome Bell Mod

Pin Logic's Cirqus Voltaire Chrome Bell Mod gives you the real bell you probably never knew you didn't have!

Originally, Cirqus Voltaire's backboard had a working bell, but it wasn't particularly loud and was ulitmately dropped for cost and replaced with a red "faux" bell decal and bell sound.

Just enlarge the existing backboard hole a bit for the included bolt and mount our shiny chrome bell where a bell outta be.

(1) Chrome Bell
(1) Pack Mounting hardware (Mounting Bolt, rubber grommet, 3 nuts, 2 fender washers), 1 1/2" OD with 0.120" wall)
(1) Detailed installation instructions

Cirqus Voltaire Chrome BellCirqus Voltaire Chrome Bell Installed

Theater of Magic Chain and Locks Mod for Trunk

Popular item back by demand. Limited Run. Features Bright Brass-plated #3 chain along with 4 antique brass locks. All items are mounted on clear plastic (PETG) platform that uses factory (4) trunk mounting screws (new ones provided. Photo #2 sample as shipped.

Installation is simple...Remove 4 trunk mounting screws and install plastic platform with assembled Chain/locks trunk unit. Note Location of (removable) 'front' tag that places assembly in correct position. Re-install 4 screws. Check placement of chain and locks for the best look.

theater of magic pinball trunk $44.00

Twilight Zone Pinball Slot Shot Plotter

Having problems with the slot machine "Slot Shot" on your Twilight Zone? Does the ball fly out of the "Slot Scoop" and randomly hit the flipper tip, heel or miss it entirely? Our nylon Slot Shot Plotter will let you provide an adjustable, stable support for the Ball Kicker Bracket to bring back your "sweet shots".

Find out background and view installation instructions

Twilight Zone Pinball Slogt Shot Plotter $29.00

Xenon BluStrip Transport Tube LED Light  Kit

Spice up the old girl with a nice bright blue LED light strip to replace those fragile miniature incandescent lamps. Those leads break if you look at them funny. The light strip is a custom-designed PCB is ready to screw down and plug in.

But Wait!

There's more...

Get a shiny new transport tube and all the installation hardware you need as part of the complete kit.

Kit Includes:
(1) New blue LED light strip PCB
(1) Clear transport tube (12 1/4"long, 1 1/2" OD with 0.120" wall)
(1) Installation hardware pack including all items needed for installation (pictured)
(1) Detailed installation instructions

xenon pinball blue LED light strip and travel tubexenon pinball blue LED light strip and travel tube $49.00

Pinball General Repair and Miscelaneous Parts

Pinball Part Description (Click image to enlarge) Price*

64 Piece Molex Connector Assortment

Never have to make another emergency run to Radio Shack only to be dissappointed that they are out of the one blister pack that they were supposed to stock of a (fill in the blank) terminal Molex connector.  Our 64 piece Molex assortment pack has male/femail connector pairs in the most useful sizes you will need.

Kit Includes:
(6 pairs) 2 Terminal 0.062"
(6 pairs) 4 Terminal 0.062"
(6 pairs) 6 Terminal 0.093"
(6 pairs) 9 Terminal 0.093"
(6 pairs) 12 Terminal 0.093"
(2 pairs) 15 Terminal 0.093"
Male and Female terminals for all connectors

Assorted Molex Connectors $18.00

Many MPU/CPU Components

Various Pinball MPU CPU Chips $5.00
$10.00 ea.

Assorted Integrated Circuits

Assorted Pinball Integrated Circuits$2.00
5.00 ea.

Pinball-related CDs

$5.00 ea.

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